Eric Frazier Interview – 97.9 WCHL

Listen to Eric Frazier talk about GPS on “Who’s Talking with D.G. Martin,” broadcast February 8, 2014. Their conversation covers the history of the technology, how it works, and some of the implications for everyday life.

Interview on NPR affiliate 88.5 WFDD

Listen to an interview with Audrey Fannin, news coordinator for NPR affiliate 88.5 WFDD (Winston-Salem, NC) on December 10, 2013. Richard and Eric discuss the origin of GPS and its vital role today in maintaining synchronized timing for digital networks, … Continue reading

Hardcover Edition Now Available!

GPS Declassified is now in stock at the publisher, and several online sellers are shipping copies. For the many who have told us they prefer the look and feel of a physical book in their hands, the wait is over. … Continue reading

E-Books Now Available!

For readers who love their Kindle or Nook, GPS Declassified is now available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Of course, we hope you will also buy a hardcover when they are released October 28, but after years of work … Continue reading

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“A great read” — Rye Barcott

Posted at — “I’ve been fascinated by GPS and it’s tremendous power since it saved my team one night during combat operations in the Middle East. GPS Declassified is a great read for anyone interested in American history. From … Continue reading

The Space Review – William Mellberg

“GPS Declassified is a carefully researched, well written, fast-paced, and thoroughly enjoyable book. It offers an excellent mix of science, technology, history and culture. Kudos to co-authors Richard Easton and Eric Frazier for their outstanding contribution to space history. This … Continue reading

New York Journal of Books – Robert Schaefer

“Written in a clear and lively style GPS Declassified provides readers with GPS development history including personal recollections from leading developers…. As an introduction to GPS, its history, uses, issues and concerns GPS Declassified can’t be beat.” Read the full … Continue reading

Advance praise: Walter J. Boyne

“The authors do the impossible, making an intricate technological advance fascinating to read. They offer an informative and well researched account of how GPS proved its worth even before the system was complete. The results it provided in the Persian … Continue reading

Advance praise: Mike Gruntman

“A fine and entertaining story of the origins of the Global Positioning System, a consequential space-age technology that has affected the lives of hundreds of millions in war and peace. Non-specialist readers will easily understand principles of this sophisticated system … Continue reading

Advance praise: Rick W. Sturdevant

“Here, at last, Richard Easton and Eric Frazier present in plain, simple language how a positioning, navigation and timing system originally developed for military purposes―one that Air Force Space Command continues to operate and maintain―became essential for countless civil and … Continue reading

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