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H-Net Reviews – Raymond O’Mara

“(The authors) tell an interesting story of how humans adapted an existing technology to provide benefits unseen by their original creators, a theme common in the history of technology….Ultimately, GPS Declassified achieves the authors’ goal of introducing the reader to important elements of the story of the development of GPS.”
–Raymond O’Mara, H-Net Reviews in the Humanities and Social Sciences

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Spaceflight – Off the Shelf

“This book sets the record straight on just how remarkable has been the rise and rise of position-determination–the Global Positioning System, or GPS….(The) writers have combined their considerable talents to tell a highly readable story about the development of satellite navigation system….The book is a good primer and a stimulus to the more challenging aspects of what is now one of the fastest growing sectors in space applications.”

Spaceflight, Vol. 56, July 2014, a British Interplanetary Society publication

Spaceflight Vol 56 No 07 - July 2014

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“A great read” — Rye Barcott

Posted at Amazon.com — “I’ve been fascinated by GPS and it’s tremendous power since it saved my team one night during combat operations in the Middle East. GPS Declassified is a great read for anyone interested in American history. From Eisenhower’s Cold War bunkers to the Apple labs, this insightful and well-written book presents a valuable case study about the effective commercialization of a technology that shapes our modern lives in war and peace.”

–Rye Barcott, author of It Happened on the Way to War

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