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Richard Joins NRL’s Pete Wilhelm on The Space Show

Host David Livingston recently hosted Richard Easton and Peter Wilhelm, retired director of the Naval Research Lab’s Naval Center for Space Technology, for a broad-ranging discussion about Wilhelm’s pioneering work with satellites and his involvement with the development of GPS.

Wilhelm was involved with several classified programs, and briefly discussed his work on the first spy satellite under a program called GRAB, that was recently declassified. He also talked about how his career led him to meet people like Werner Von Braun and Elon Musk.

Don’t miss this conversation with a true satellite pioneer.

The Space Show

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Richard Revisits Vanguard 1 Launch as 65th Anniversary Approaches

As the 65th anniversary of the March 17, 1958, launch of Vanguard 1 approached, Richard reviewed its historical significance and connection to GPS on two well-followed podcasts — The Space Show and Space and Things.

Catch the conversations here:

The Space Show: Broadcast 4000: Richard Easton – Vanguard is now Medicare qualified!

Space and Things: Podcast 133: Unsung Heroes: Roger Easton – The Man Behind Vanguard 1 and GPS – with Richard Easton

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Richard Easton Reviews GPS History on the Total Space Network

Richard recently spoke with Astro Roadie of Total Space Network about the History of GPS. More than a podcast, this presentation is suitable for STEM students and offers a wealth of visual illustrations, including historical photos, vintage news footage, maps, graphs and computer animations.

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Eric Frazier comments for NPR about BeiDou

Eric Frazier spoke with reporter Dan Boyce about the completion of the Chinese BeiDou system and what it means for GPS and for users of smartphones and other equipment designed to use BeiDou signal. Listen to Boyce’s report, The U.S. Dependence On GPS Has Created A New Vulnerability, which appeared February 16 on Morning Edition.

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Eric Frazier comments for CPR News about BeiDou

Eric Frazier spoke with reporter Dan Boyce about the completion of the Chinese BeiDou system and what it means for GPS and for users of smartphones and other equipment designed to use BeiDou signal. Read the Colorado Public Radio story, The Battle Between China And The US Over GPS Supremacy Is Being Built In Colorado.

Eric Frazier recently spoke with reporter Dan Boyce about what completion of the Chinese BeiDou system means for GPS and for users of smartphones and other equipment designed to use BeiDou signal

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History Hack Podcast Interviews Richard Easton

The History Hack podcast recently interviewed Richard, who spoke about his father’s role in the early space race and the creation of GPS. The discussion also touches on the controversy that remains over the so-called “Lonely Halls Meeting” in 1973, the year the Pentagon merged Navy and Air Force satellite navigation programs to create the dual-use system that today functions as a global public utility. Listen to the podcast here.




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Richard Easton Discusses GPS History on The Space Shot Podcast

Richard recently spoke with John Mulnix, host of The Space Shot podcast, in a wide-ranging discussion about GPS. The conversation covers a basic overview of the technological workings of the system, some little-known early history of its development and how GPS today serves vital military and civilian needs. Listen to Episode 403 here.

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Cold War Conversations History Podcast Interviews Richard Easton

Cold War Conversations, a podcast series focused on the cold war era, recently interviewed Richard Easton about the early days of the U.S. space program and the origin of GPS. Listen to Episode 76 to hear Richard recall details of growing up with a father doing space projects at the Naval Research Laboratory and share details of his research into the military programs that led to GPS.

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Richard Easton interviewed on TOCRadio Podcast

Richard kicked off the new year with an appearance on TOCRadio’s Podcast Episode 19. In a wide-ranging interview, hosts Wyatt Harper and Matt Schoenfeldt queried him about the historical development of GPS and the arrival of GPS III satellites, which are finally launching after years of delays. Richard debunked the common myth that President Ronald Reagan declassified GPS for its first civilian use, discussed how GPS impacted the Persian Gulf War, summarized ongoing challenges related to spoofing and jamming, and raised the policy issue posed by whether new military receivers should incorporate other GNSS signals.

TOCRadio is a military-themed podcast produced by LTC Matt Schoenfeldt and CPT Wyatt Harper.

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SpyCast Interviews Richard Easton

SpycastSPY Historian Vince Houghton sat down with Richard Easton, co-author of GPS Declassified: From Smart Bombs to Smartphones, to discuss the development of GPS and its role in the military, intelligence, and civilian domains. Easton’s father, Roger, led the Space Applications Branch of the Naval Research Laboratory from the Vanguard Satellite era to the early days of GPS development. Listen to the entire podcast.


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