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NRL, Media mark the passing of Roger Easton

Following the death of Roger L. Easton on May 8, the Naval Research Laboratory and numerous media outlets have published tributes to his life as a scientist and inventor. Follow the links below to read a selection of these stories:

Roger L. Easton, former head of the Space Applications Branch at the Naval Research Laboratory, a few years before he retired in 1980.
(Naval Research Laboratory)

NRL News Release

Navy All Hands Update

Tech Crunch – Roger Easton, Father of GPS, Dies at 93

Bloomberg – Roger Easton, GPS Developer for Satellite Navigation, Dies at 93

Valley News – A Life: Roger Lee Easton Sr., 1921 — 2014; ‘Most of All, He Was a Solver of Problems’



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The Space Show Interview – Podcast Now Available

Listen to Richard and Eric discuss GPS Declassified during their November 3, 2013, appearance on The Space Show. The host, Dr. David Livingston, and callers from across the country posed questions on a wide range of topics from airline safety to autonomous farm tractors.


The Space Show

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