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Richard Revisits Vanguard 1 Launch as 65th Anniversary Approaches

As the 65th anniversary of the March 17, 1958, launch of Vanguard 1 approached, Richard reviewed its historical significance and connection to GPS on two well-followed podcasts — The Space Show and Space and Things.

Catch the conversations here:

The Space Show: Broadcast 4000: Richard Easton – Vanguard is now Medicare qualified!

Space and Things: Podcast 133: Unsung Heroes: Roger Easton – The Man Behind Vanguard 1 and GPS – with Richard Easton

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“From Vanguard to GPS”– Richard Talks History at A-Ibanez Museum Gallery

Richard Easton recently spoke to a group at the A-Ibanez Museum Gallery in Kilmarnock, Va., about the historical role his father and the Naval Research Laboratory played in developing the satellite technologies that became the Global Positioning System.

Richard Easton Speaks About GPS History at A-Ibanez Museum Gallery

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Richard Easton Reviews GPS History on the Total Space Network

Richard recently spoke with Astro Roadie of Total Space Network about the History of GPS. More than a podcast, this presentation is suitable for STEM students and offers a wealth of visual illustrations, including historical photos, vintage news footage, maps, graphs and computer animations.

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Richard Easton Appears on The Malliard Report Podcast

Richard recently joined host Jim Malliard on his podcast, The Malliard Report, to discuss the history of GPS. In one hour, Richard touched on the most important topics across the sweep of GPS history, from the challenges during the early days of the space race to more current issues, such as tracking, jamming and spoofing.

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Richard Easton Interviewed on Working Over Time Podcast

Richard Easton joined Karen Bellinger, host of the podcast series Working Over Time, to discuss the early days of satellites and the scientists and inventors, like Roger Easton, who paved the way for today’s world of GPS and GNSS systems. Listen here.


Richard Easton spoke with Karen Bellinger, host of the podcast, Working Over Time, about early sattelite scientists, like his father, Roger Easton.

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RM Military History Podcast Interviews Richard Easton

Richard Easton recently appeared on the RM Military History podcast to discuss “GPS and it Role in Warfare.”

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Home Brew History Podcast Interviews Richard Easton

Richard Easton recently spoke with Riley “Bo” Trisler and Joseph “Jo” Ricci about the evolution of GPS and the military and civilian uses of time and location technology. Check out the conversation, Lost and Found – GPS Declassified.

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Richard Easton Speaks at NSS North Houston Space Society

Richard Easton was the featured speaker at the October monthly meeting of the NSS North Houston Space Society. His presentation was titled “On the History, Threats, and Future Outlook for GPS.”

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History Hack Podcast Interviews Richard Easton

The History Hack podcast recently interviewed Richard, who spoke about his father’s role in the early space race and the creation of GPS. The discussion also touches on the controversy that remains over the so-called “Lonely Halls Meeting” in 1973, the year the Pentagon merged Navy and Air Force satellite navigation programs to create the dual-use system that today functions as a global public utility. Listen to the podcast here.




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Cold War Conversations History Podcast Interviews Richard Easton

Cold War Conversations, a podcast series focused on the cold war era, recently interviewed Richard Easton about the early days of the U.S. space program and the origin of GPS. Listen to Episode 76 to hear Richard recall details of growing up with a father doing space projects at the Naval Research Laboratory and share details of his research into the military programs that led to GPS.

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