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Eric Frazier Interview – 97.9 WCHL

Listen to Eric Frazier talk about GPS on “Who’s Talking with D.G. Martin,” broadcast February 8, 2014. Their conversation covers the history of the technology, how it works, and some of the implications for everyday life.

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Interview on NPR affiliate 88.5 WFDD

Listen to an interview with Audrey Fannin, news coordinator for NPR affiliate 88.5 WFDD (Winston-Salem, NC) on December 10, 2013. Richard and Eric discuss the origin of GPS and its vital role today in maintaining synchronized timing for digital networks, financial transactions, power distribution and radio broadcasting. You can also hear Eric read the first three paragraphs of the introduction to GPS Declassified.


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The Space Show Interview – Podcast Now Available

Listen to Richard and Eric discuss GPS Declassified during their November 3, 2013, appearance on The Space Show. The host, Dr. David Livingston, and callers from across the country posed questions on a wide range of topics from airline safety to autonomous farm tractors.


The Space Show

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Hardcover Edition Now Available!

Now shipping starburstGPS Declassified is now in stock at the publisher, and several online sellers are shipping copies. For the many who have told us they prefer the look and feel of a physical book in their hands, the wait is over. If your favorite local bookseller does not have the book in stock, please ask them to order it and stock it.

Get your copy today!

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E-Books Now Available!

For readers who love their Kindle or Nook, GPS Declassified is now available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Of course, we hope you will also buy a hardcover when they are released October 28, but after years of work on this book, we’re happy the wait is over and we can share it with readers.

Buy now


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